Mabi Swimwear

Why is MABI a sustainable brand?

Fashion need more sustainable brands…

Why we need to bet for a sustainable brands? Fashion evolved from 2 fashion seasons, Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter, to now basically 52 micro seasons, turning it into one of the dirtiest industries in the World. Supply chains are often carried on with minimal vigilance where the labour force is constituted mostly by women, children and refugees, underpaid and spending hours working in harmful conditions.

Work with beads and sequins are often placed into child labour due to their small hands, as they are the ones who can easily sew the small pieces. The workers are also forced to work with dangerous dyes which later contaminate the local water supply.

Fast Fashion, simultaneously with the marketing business, are the psychological agitators to consumerism. They create desire and lust in our minds but at the same time, they evoke the fear of social alienation if we don’t buy a specific product. This constant influence is dominating masses and creating ‘fashion- zombies’, where every week they are driven to buy more and more products.

Also, the fashion industry is directly related to the contamination of rivers, lakes and oceans. Significant amounts of energy are used in the production of synthetics combined with large emissions to the atmosphere.

A change is essential, and the challenge now is sustainability in fashion – integrations of human well-being and natural integrity. The consumers are the driving force behind sustainable practices, and have the power to attenuate the environmental impacts caused by the fashion industry.

MABI is proud to be an ethical and sustainable brand, which uses high quality biodegradable textiles on their creations. We are always in the process of improving our production to cause the least possible damage to the environment, reducing the possible effects by helping the reforestation in Brazil.

With MABI we guarantee you eco-fashion with a luxury style and unique elegant cuts.

Choose MABI and not fast-fashion. Because… who wants to be a zombie?