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Vegan Leather: The pioneering material taking the fashion industry by storm

The plant based lifestyle is not only about what you eat or drink… this revolution has now turned its concern to what you are wearing, starting with vegan leather! This pioneering material is being used to make shoes, bags, belts, you name it and MABI are going to tell you how. What used to be traditionally made from animal skin is now being produced by pioneering experts. This plant based material is being made from fruits and vegetables, which not only stops the ill treatment of animals but also reduces the huge amount of damaged caused to the environment. The process and production of leather goods uses a huge amount of feed, pastureland, water and fossil fuels required to turn animal skin into these products.

What is vegan leather made of?

Mushroom are one of the products being used to create this new vegan leather material. Known as MuSkin, this material mimics the texture of leather made from animal skins so it delivers the same result for customers. Produced from mushroom caps and tanned with nontoxic ingredients unlike real leather, this new biodegradable material is softer, more breathable and more water repellent than traditional leather.

Pineapples, a tropical fruit used in sweet treats and the occasional Pina colada. Well its now being used to make vegan leather known as Pinatex, this innovative leather-alternative is created from pineapple leaf fibres. As the leaves are a by-product of harvesting the fruit, no additional resources are needed to produce the materials, which means farmers receive an additional source of income. This vegan leather is being used by many high end brands such as BOSS Menswear which now offers high quality shoes made from Pineapple leather.

This vegan leather trend is going full circle, with brands creating their products and ethos on this sustainable material. Using fruit derived materials to create stylish, biodegradable pieces which are taking the industry by storm. These materials are a long term solution to the ever problematic and unsustainable animal leather industry, at MABI we hope these pioneering materials will make a different to help the environmental issues caused by the industry.

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