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The wonder material saving the world right now: why we love hemp

When we buy clothes, we think of numbers: how much does this dress cost? Can I get a deal on these shoes? But there are numbers most of us don’t consider: it takes 2,700 litres of water to make one cotton T-shirt, and the fashion industry is currently the second biggest polluter on the planet. 


It’s no wonder that more of us are turning to eco-friendly fashion to look good and save the planet.

Here at Mabi, we think hemp is a sustainable resource which can save the world, and there are so many reasons why it’s one of our favorite fibres. Read on to discover why.



Preserving the rainforest

Tropical rainforests contain 50% of the world’s biodiversity, but are due to be wiped out in a century due to the drive for everyday commodities, including wood paper and pulp.

If a single crop can provide a solution, it’s hemp. 

Hemp pulp is actually more durable and higher in quality compared to wood pulp, yielding better quality paper. Not only that, but unlike wood paper, hemp paper doesn’t require large amounts of bleaching. In fact, the original draft of the American Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper for this reason.

Hemp only takes 3.5 months to grow to maturity, compared to the 20-40 years it takes for a tree to grow. This makes hemp the perfect solution to the deforestation of the rainforest, and it could contribute to saving the rainforests for generations to come.


Clothe the world

Cotton production requires high pesticide use, which can directly harm cotton workers and the environment. While organic cotton is more eco-friendly, cotton still requires enormous amounts of water to grow, using up precious clean water supplies.

Hemp could be the answer. Hemp is naturally pest and fungus resistant, requiring little to no pesticides. It requires very little water, and hemp plants yield far more per square hectare than cotton, so they require far less space to grow.

Even better, hemp plants have a root system that improves soil quality, returning nutrients to the soil and allowing farmers to continue to use their fields after growing hemp.

So what is hemp clothing really like?

Hemp is one of our favourite textiles because it has some truly wonderful properties. It’s stronger and more durable than cotton, which makes it well suited to classic and versatile styles for years of wear, yet it also softens with use.

Hemp is very breathable, and regulates your temperature, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter, perfect for clothes on the beach or in the city.

Often when people think about hemp textiles, they picture a loose, scratchy material. But this couldn’t be more different from the beautifully soft hemp textiles we use and love.

Mabi is bringing back this wonder resource with a new range, Oasis of Love, made of 100% hemp materials.



With the new collection, you no longer have to make a choice between shopping ethically and looking good, with our designs encompassing elegance, style and a mindset to making a positive difference in the fashion industry and our world.  

Let’s make 2020 the year of sustainability!