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The Five Best Sustainable Clothing Stores in London

The Five Best Sustainable Clothing Stores in London

MabiSwimwear brings you the five best sustainable clothing stores in London. These eco-warriors champion the latest ethical fashion brands of 2018!



32/33 Brixton Village
Coldharbour Lane
London SW9 8PR

Ethos: A curated selection of ethical fashion. Brands with integrity. Clothes to keep.


The Five Best Sustainable Clothing Stores in London: The Keep Boutique’s fabulously floral Instagram feed.

Aside from investing your hard earned cash in a beautiful and ethical collection, there are so many reasons to shop here! The Keep Boutique is involved with promoting eco-friendly awareness within the community by hosting an event called Sustainable Truths. This encourages conversations between guest speakers and audience as they attempt to explore the meaning and misnomers surrounding the term ‘sustainable’. The store tenders a wide collection of styles from vibrantly patterned garments to more neutral pieces. The Keep Boutique is hot with social media too, often posting pictures of carefully selected garments paired together to create some beautifully eye-catching outfits. 

Sunday – Monday 11:00-18:00

Saturday  10:30-18:00


69B Boutique

Borough Hackney Central
69b Broadway Market
London E8 

69B Boutique is a quaint apparel haven and London’s first sustainable store dedicated to a better fashion industry. Merryn has been at the forefront with 69B Boutique since 2011, offering beautiful clothes from companies with a conscience.  They stock clothes, shoes, bags and jewellery. 

The Five Best Sustainable Clothing Stores in London: 69B Boutique Brands

Ethos: WEAR THE CHANGE. When you shop at 69B you can be certain that your purchase has been made in a socially and environmentally responsible way. We have a strict policy on transparency and accountability that all our brands must adhere to. 

Monday to Friday  10:30-18:30

Saturday  10:00-18:00

Sunday  11:00-18:00




133 Shoreditch High Street
East London
E1 6JE

If you’re on the hunt for basic essentials, explosive florals, and elegant professional apparel, Aida is the one for you. Aida possesses a contemporary industrial vibe with a niche cafe in-store. Aida also offers beautiful homeware and a psychedelic range of colourful socks!

The Five Best Sustainable Clothing Stores in London: Aida’s Autumnal Instagram feed.


Ethos: For us, AIDA has always been about the experience – inviting you to share our inspiration and our ideals. From this, we set about creating a multi-concept store that reflects the creative, vibrant area in which we are based. We take time to source brands that share our passion, from the clothing to the coffee to the community projects we develop. Each one is chosen for their effortless style, quality materials, and a philosophy. Our aim is to make AIDA a space for everyone to feel welcome. To connect, discover and inspire.

Monday to Saturday  10:30-19:00

Sunday  12:00-18:00




27 Brecknock Rd,
N7 0BT

The Third Estate is a trailblazer in terms of sourcing sustainable brands which create clothes from authentic materials. So if you’re looking for a belt made from a firefighting hose or shoes made from cork look no further! Ultimately, The Third Estate offers a modest and contemporary collection, perfect for no-nonsense shoppers.



The Five Best Sustainable Clothing Stores in London: The Third Estate’s cosy interior.

Ethos: From the nation of shopkeepers, we are purveyors of Animal-Friendly, Eco and Ethical Fashion.



Tuesday 11:00-19:30

Wednesday to Saturday  10:00-18:00




Lowie Shop in Herne Hill
115 Dulwich Road
Herne Hill

The Five Best Sustainable Clothing Stores in London: Lowie’s wonderful Winter pieces!

Lowie is an upmarket boutique based in South London. The brand has gone to great lengths to ensure their clothes are held to the highest standards. Organic cotton and recycled cotton yarns have been used for the Spring/Summer collections. Lowie uses cashmere, lambswool, mohair, merino and angora wool. All their wool is ethically sourced. Lowie’s leather is free from harmful chemicals including azo, benzedrine and chrome 6. They also make a point of asking their suppliers to use the minimum amount of plastic packaging. All marketing materials are made from sustainable sources or printed on recycled paper.

Mon – Tues 11:00 – 17:00

Wed 10:00- 18:00

Thurs 10:00 – 19:00

Fri – Sat 10:00 – 18:00

Sun – 10:00 – 17:00


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