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The Eco-Life Awakening Collection ?

New Year’s celebrations are a time to reflect on change and consider new perspectives when entering 2021. 

The past is full of unpleasant memories such as record-breaking wildfires engulfing the west coast of the US; unprecedented bushfires in Australia causing the death of approximately one billion animals; a record number of powerful Atlantic storms; deadly floods hitting countries from Italy to Indonesia; the Arctic ice failing to freeze in late October; destructive industries clearing forest and displacing wildlife; rampant deforestation in the Amazon.

A worldwide pandemic forced governments to restrict free movement and place populations under lockdowns to limit the spread of the virus. After a year of being told to stay at home, people desire a change, and it seems 2021 could be the year to bring it.

Recent studies show how sustainability has become part of everyday life choices for nearly half of Britons. By spending more time at home, we become more eco-conscious, mindful of our energy use and recycling habits. Businesses began re-evaluating and restructuring their environmental credentials given the new, improved air quality and pollution reduction. 

How can we make a more significant impact?

Societies will have to transform their production and consumption patterns in a joint effort driven by governments, businesses, and consumers. 


What is MABI?

In MABI, we believe that fashion can be sustainable, fair and elegant. That is why we are convinced that we should contribute to making this a better world for tomorrow.

Based in London, Mabi is an ethical and sustainable eco-luxury swimwear brand that promotes and enables responsible consumption without compromising aesthetics and beauty. MABI is a brand with a purpose, and we are committed to protecting what we love. MABI is elegance and sensuality combined, offering styles that will easily complement all body shapes. Mabi Swimwear swimsuit has utilised a biodegradable fabric that assures it will naturally decompose when discarded.


The Eco-Life Awakening Collection

On the 24th of March 2021, MABI will launch a new collection focused on love, natural elements and good vibes! The Eco-Life Awakening Mabi Collection.

Because MABI focuses on PROTECTING and RESPECTING the environment, we decided to search for environmentally friendly techniques passed on by generations of local artisans. These traditional recipes intend to preserve Brazilian craftsmanship while showcasing natural elements in colour and forms. It also demonstrates how the Brazilian biodiversity has potential as a contributor to these artisanal practices. 

The Eco-Life Awakening Collection collection will include patterns and colours created via a process of natural dying and mineral salts. Flowers, roots and seeds are the main components of the prints, while plants, spices and some vegetables provide the pigment. These dying and stamping processes are 100% authentically made in Brazil with local Brazilian materials and elements.


Because we CARE – The Eco-Life Awakening Collection

The Eco-Life Awakening Collection

The first application of natural dyes on textiles is dated from approximately 400 BC in India and Mesopotamia, but discovering the first synthetic dyes changed and replaced the natural dying process.  The fabric dyeing process requires massive amounts of water, energy and chemicals, which will eventually be released in wastewater from dye houses and textile mills. These chemicals released in the wastewater block sunlight and increase biological oxygen demand and produce a high concentration of chromium, arsenic, copper, and zinc in the water.  


Natural dyes are extracted from vegetable sources with natural plant-based colourant sources, meaning natural dyes are far more sustainable and renewable than synthetic dyes. Sustainable development is essential for the progress of future generations, as it relates to establishing specific actions now to achieve the desired goals for the future.  As a generation, we are collectively assigned to create a habitable world and preserve it for the next generation.


We are tasked to take an ethical position and make moral judgments about our present actions to conceive wider shared ethics to protect Nature and its natural lives.  Our choices now will have repercussions in the future, and 2020 is a reminder that anything is possible.  We are already ONE with Nature. We will only realise when we immerse ourselves in what comes naturally in life.


Mabi’s Mission

MABI is always in search of the ultimate and most eco-friendly materials, contributing to green initiatives. Preserving our forests means preserving life.

Mabi Swimwear collections are made with Nature’s love 💚 .

By Ana Luisa Sampaio & Daniela Hernandez