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Welcome to MABI Swimwear,

At Mabi sculptural silhouettes and cool chic collide to redefine contemporary trends in fashion.  We design swimwear that goes beyond the ordinary.  We offer wearable art that celebrates the remarkable woman within.

models lounging wearing cool chic fashion swimwear

Our ethos is centred around sustainability and eco-awareness. We strive to create swimwear that empowers the wearer and contributes to a more sustainable future. Our pieces are meticulously crafted using carefully chosen fabrics and unique designs, combined with the rich heritage of Brazilian craftsmanship.  We invite you to join us on this journey towards empowerment, where fashion meets sustainability and style meets substance. Discover the MABI difference for yourself today.

About the designer 

Experience the essence of MABI Swimwear, where reverence for the Amazon and its indigenous ancestral culture inspires our eco-conscious mission. Founder Maristela Soares is driven by a deep commitment to protect Mother Nature’s treasures. With each sustainable choice, we honour the Amazon’s biodiversity and empower women to shape a future where style and stewardship go hand in hand.

Model wearing swimsuits in sustainable fabrics
Designer Maristela Soares in Amazon

Step into our world today and discover a fusion of sculptural silhouettes and cool chic that’s redefining contemporary trends in fashion attire. Join us and experience the collision of bold style and cool chic trends first hand!