Mabi Swimwear

Mabi Swimwear is pioneering the future of fashion with a remarkable fusion of eco-conscious practices, impeccable aesthetics, and Brazilian craftsmanship. Our commitment to sustainability leads us to source the finest fabrics, creating swimwear that celebrates the unique beauty and individuality of remarkable women globally. Inspired by Brazil’s vibrant culture and natural beauty, our contemporary aesthetic marries timeless elegance with modern flair. Mabi Swimwear redefines stylish, ethical fashion, exemplifying the perfect marriage of trendiness and sustainability, and leading the industry into a more sustainable future.

I am Maristela , the passionate designer behind Mabi Swimwear. Inspired by Brazil’s vibrant heritage and the profound beauty of indigenous ancestral culture, my mission is to create swimwear that empowers women’s beauty and confidence. Through sustainable innovation and fashion-forward design, I celebrate the strength and elegance of each extraordinary woman around the globe. Each Mabi piece is a testament to my dedication to eco-conscious practices and cutting-edge aesthetics, setting new standards in the fashion industry.