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MABI’s Carbon Free Program

On the Carbon free Program that MABI has arranged with “Iniciativa Verde“, the GHG emissions which are responsible of the global warming, are compensated by reforesting the Atlantic Woods. This carbon free project, is also known as Carbon Compensation, or Carbon Neutralisation. Organisations or companies need to fill a report which will calculate their carbon emissions, and consequently, Green Initiative will plant native trees in preservation area, according to their levels.

Whoever takes part on this program, will automatically receive a Carbon Free certificate with the number of planted trees, and the amount of GHG compensated.

The main Carbon Free benefits are: Action against global warming; Conservation of the Brazilian biodiversity; conservation of the environmental resources; society awareness; fair wages for the farmers; behaviour change and awareness on the corporations; online monitoring of the reforestation through Green Initiative website.

Also, it is possible for single individuals to take part on the Green Initiative Carbon Free Program and therefore helping to plant trees on conservation areas!

‘Amigo da Floresta’ Program

The Friend of the Forest Program belongs to Green Initiative and aims to change landscapes by planting trees in the Atlantic Woods, in the deforested areas of Cantareira.

Since 2005 Green Initiative has been evolving with several projects related to fighting global warming, creating new approaches in how to protect more natural resources.

Today they are proud to be a full institution where creativity and hope are the main forces, but still have a long and challenging future ahead of them.

Mabi Swimwear is proud to partnered with this organization, helping to create a better and healthy future for us and for the next generations. If you want to keep up to date about the latest news and ecological projects, register at and be part of the Eco-Luxury community.

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