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Mabi saving an island

It is widely known that our brand is a fighter in the preservation of nature and that each of our product is made from carefully selected organic materials. Since fashion is a phenomenon, a thing attractive to most people, we came up with the idea of ​​using it to increase people’s environmental awareness. We have proved that it is possible with our own example. We do not miss a single event that is organized for the purpose of preserving nature, so this August we also reached an island in Montenegro – Ada Bojana. We were interested in historical concept of the resort itself, in order to get to know it even better. According to legend, several hundred years ago a sailing ship ran aground at the mouth of the Bojana river, near two smaller islands. Over the years, river sediment was deposited on the shipwreck and nearby islands, which first created a river bank, and then the entire island – Ada Bojana.

Originally, this was a border zone, but over time it was estimated that the island would be ideal for the development of naturism. The idea was very well received, and soon untouched nature, under the influence of human hands, turned into a tourist attraction. Due to the unique way of its origin, this place with a Large sandy beach, which is 13 km long, looks like no other place and offers an unusual synergy of typical vacation, on the one hand, peace and quiet, and on the other, nudist beaches, kite surfing and the possibility of horse riding.

Unfortunately, global warming, the reduction of the ozone layer, the increasingly frequent occurrence of natural disasters (earthquakes, floods) and the increasing degree of pollution are just some of the factors that condition the survival of the planet in the global world. All of them lead to erosive processes on the western part of the island, which affect the disappearance of the coast and the collapse of buildings. From 2020, Ada has already lost 10% of its area, and 35 m² of sandy beach has disappeared. Forecasts go so far that they are even predicting the complete disappearance of Ada Bojana. It is quite clear who comes out of the ring with nature as a loser.

 Maristela Soares, founder of the MABI SWIMWEAR, as a great fighter for nature, and above all its lover, traveled all the way from Brazil, and with her own collection had the honor of opening the Sunset fashion show. All the money from the sale of fashion items that evening was donated to the restoration of the island, which is threatened with disappearance. With pleasant hosts, cheerful atmosphere, we are honored to have been part of this gathering, and to spread moral and environmental awareness.

On our way to the Sunset fashion event, the beauty of Montenegro’s nature could not remain unnoticed. The combination of sandy beaches and peaks of steep mountains caused admiration, and above all, awe. It is a special kind of beauty, the kind that leaves you speechless. In the face of such majesty of nature, you realize how small and powerless you are, and that all we can do is unite in the idea of ​​preserving what we have been given. Maristela Soares’ adventurous spirit tells her to take a detour to each destination. Taught by experience, she knows that real pearls can be found in places that are less often visited. In such places, places of untouched nature, all the senses enjoy themselves. Therefore, on the way to the most visited places in Montenegro, among which Ada Bojana, Budva, Herceg Novi, Kotor are mentioned, there are several national parks, which make it worth going a few kilometers more. One of them is Durmitor National Park with 48 peaks higher than 2000 m above sea level, and several lakes that are called “mountain eyes” because of their clarity and beauty.

 National Park Durmitor (Photo source:

For those who love adrenaline, rafting on the Tara river is the right choice. The shortest and fastest river in Europe (length 135 m) can also be reached by Tara with boat. However, the locals testify that no one has ever tried to go down it, maybe that’s why its name is exactly what it is – Ljutica (one who gets angry).

Who would have thought that here, in the very heart of Montenegro, there is one of the 3 remaining rainforests in Europe – Biogradska gora, it is also called the “lungs of Montenegro”, because felling of trees in it is prohibited, and their average age is 4 centuries. This is only a part of our summarized impressions, and in order not to miss even the smallest detail, we left the further tour of the rest of the island for another occasion.

Biogradska Gora (Photo source:

Once again we came to the same conclusion. Step by step, individual by individual, is the only way to save our planet. Mother Nature as our eternal inspiration, as someone who has given us everything, deserves our care. Let’s love nature, because everything we have, we have thanks to it, that way we will love ourselves in the true sense. This is possible only when we know that we are doing something good for the collective. Let’s unite, because that’s the only way we can do more.