Mabi Swimwear

Mabi Swimwear


Ethical Fashion says NO to Greenwash

MABI is a sustainable and ethical fashion brand which uses a biodegradable fabric which can be recycled, is sustainably sourced and is environmentally conscious. Lately it seems a lot of brands have decided to go “green”, announcing sustainable behaviours and ethical actions which don’t represent their whole brand or company.


MABI doesn’t proclaim false advertising or vain hopes. Our ideals are true and honest to the customer, as it is fundamental for us to protect the planet and to preserving the ecosystems.


What is Greenwashing?


With trends coming and going, it would seem natural that the ‘green trend’ would eventually hit the top. Films, documentaries and street movements helped to advertise the urgency of changing perspectives towards our planet, our health and towards a better life for our children and grandchildren.


Suddenly celebrities started shouting about the planet’s health, while coming out of a vegan restaurant, dressing in a less known eco-friendly brand.  And the world went crazy!


The trend started, and the brands acknowledged the urge to implement this new trend in their products. Marketing was the principal agent of this announcement, expressing their abrupt change in introducing sustainable and ethical etiquettes. However most of this change never happened in the product’s production, which ultimately becomes false publicity or ‘greenwashing’.


Be alert!


When looking at an eco-friendly brand you should ask yourself about the veracity of the claim, questioning everything before you buy it. Eco-friendly products and ethical fashion brands can be more expensive and you should be certain that you are paying for the fair and correct price.


It is important that customers become aware at spotting the truth behind this misleading publicity, to distress the brand by attacking their values and reputation, and ultimately their sales.


Becoming aware of issues regarding fast fashion, climate crisis and animal harvesting is wonderful and life-changing, but always be aware of dishonest propaganda which looks to deceive and to encourage you to buy environmentally unethical products.


Sustainable and ethical practices should be a way of living and not a trend. Be MABI with us.