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Gaia – Capsule Collection – RAÍZES DA NATUREZA

According to the ancient Greek mythology, at the beginning of the world there was only Chaos, composed of silence and emptiness. Then, Gaia was born, and life began to flourish. For many indigenous communities, the Earth is a living creature that they revere and respect, for its natural resources are their greatest and most reliable service providers, sustaining life, dignity, and happiness.

The knowledge they treasure, anchored in centuries-old observation and interaction with nature, is often embedded in a cosmology that reveres the oneness of life, considers nature as sacred and acknowledges humanity as a part of it. Gaia, our new collection stems from a shared belief in this vision of the world. Inspired by nature, it has been conceived with a clear objective in mind: to create beautiful and unique garments rooted in a philosophy of respect for our planet and for those who protect it.

In the same way that indigenous communities have always been innovative in finding methods to use their environment to their advantage while respecting Mother Earth, we can all as individuals, make a conscious effort to live a way of life that does not put us against nature, but allows us to live in harmony with our planet. Fashion should be no exception.

That is why, at MABI, we have created a collection made entirely from organic materials worked by hand. A set of unique pieces that have their origin and their end in the forest. Every single detail that makes up Gaia, from the design to the labelling and packaging, has been crafted with a clear attitude of respect towards nature, because sustainable can also be sexy.

Our labels contain seeds that, if planted can give birth to a new life; our bags are made of jute, a biodegradable, reusable and recyclable vegetable fiber; and part of our profits are destined to support the protectors of our planet, the indigenous communities of the Amazon, which MABI makes tangible through its partnership with the Waninawa community. We want to do our part to empower these guardians of the Amazon, so that they can become the makers of their own sustenance.

At MABI we believe in the power of community, we believe that we are stronger when we act and work together. In pursuit of this goal, we rely on the support of courageous people willing to fight for the construction of the future our planet deserves. We are therefore proud to have Yarikazu Xipaya as she is known by her (indigenous) name and as our brand ambassador.

Raquel Yarikazu – Activist

Raquel Yarikazu is a 22-year-old indigenous activist with nearly 35,000 followers on her Instagram account, where she posts news related to indigenous peoples, as she believes they are invisible in the Brazilian media. As a child, her father would take her to demonstrations against the Belo Monte hydroelectric dam project on the Xingú River, near her village, in the state of Belem do Pará.

As a little girl, Yarikazu’s mother was expelled from her hometown. It was then that she realised how important it is to know the legislation, to help her people, Yarikazu, in addition to her social commitment, chose to study Law in Belém, 500 kilometers from her birthplace, Altamira. “It’s as if we were all one family, fighting for our territories and the survival of future generations,” says Xipaya.

Fashion does not have to be at odds with ethics and sustainability. In the face of a rapidly changing climate and the challenges that await our planet, a close relationship with local environments and ecosystems is more critical than ever. Since its conception, it has always been clear to MABI that it is in our power to make the world a better place. Let us join forces to protect our home and those who protect it. Let us work together so that life can flourish, and Gaia may continue to prevail forever over emptiness and silence.

MABI, together for a better future!