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Interested in ecotourism? Mabi will help you to discover the best destinations! Are you a nature lover? Are you concerned about the high impact tourism has on ecosystems? Mabi has great news for you: It is possible to travel Green, avoiding standard touristic places and getting the best of Nature and Culture without ruining it!



What is ecotourism?


It is responsible travel focused on the importance of sustainability and environment. Ecotourism is also a form of green travelling, avoiding mass commercial tourism by visiting natural environments with the aim to cause less damage to the habitat’s biodiversity.


Ecotourism is a socially and environmentally viable solution and continuously growing among societies which only brings benefits to the community. Ecotourism identifies traveller responsibility by focusing on conservation, education and attentive and low impact behaviour.


The rise of tourism can seriously damage the integrity of local cultures and ecosystems destroying sensitive and natural areas. We take the examples of Bali where mass tourism is taking a big toll on the religious and cultural rites on the local people, or Thailand which has seen a growth in drug culture and the degradation of forest for new resorts construction.


So how can you travel then?


Several associations across the world are now focused on travel green by advertising ethical and sustainable hotels and tours. Environmentally-friendly properties are now available almost everywhere with the purpose of helping the planet by saving energy and reducing solid waste on their installations. So, next time you plan your travel just make sure you search for an Eco Hotel with healthier staff and management!


However, we know that in some towns or villas eco-friendly hotels are non-existent, but it is still possible to travel green by staying in local homes or homestay rather than hotels. By experiencing the local area with natives, you will cause less impact, appreciate the best food and discover the secrets that the area can provide, more so than if you were with a group of 30 other tourists and a tour guide.


Additionally, some countries are also making an effort to become ‘greener’ by adopting sustainable and ethical policies. Here are the top 10 most environmentally-friendly countries, according to the Environmental Performance Index in 2016:


  1. Finland
  2. Iceland
  3. Sweden
  4. Denmark
  5. Slovenia
  6. Spain
  7. Portugal
  8. Estonia
  9. Malta
  10. France


Important tips for a Green Traveller starter:


  • Pack Light – there is no need carrying around too much weight. It will only burden your journey and increase the fuel usage by the public transports.
  • Bring reusable water bottles and shopping bags
  • If you rent a car, opt for the hybrid or the smallest car.
  • At the Eco-Hotel follow their sustainable practices
  • Do the shopping in local vendors
  • Use bike or walk the maximum possible


Now that you know a bit more about travel green why not start to prepare your journey? If you have more green tips or good experiences while travelling green, please comment below. We would love to hear from you!

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