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Easy steps to make your beauty routine plastic free

Have you ever thought about changing the way you buy your beauty products that are not plastic free? As we know the plastic problem in our oceans is not an unfamiliar, this shocking issue has escalated in recent years due to the amount of plastic discarded by us the consumer. The endless statistics we could recall about the amount of pollution in our oceans, followed by the damage it’s doing to our ecosystems and wildlife. Greenpeace has estimated that 12.3 million tonnes of plastic ends up in our oceans each year, amounting to a truck load of rubbish a minute. By now we think the most environmentally harmful industries need to take control of this issue as well as us the consumer. The beauty industry has taken reducing plastic in their products to the next level, by making small and simple changes to your beauty routine you can do the same. As the consumer you have all the power, start by considering the packaging your favourite products come in and choose an item that can be recycled or reused such as glass. Our favourite eco packaging beauty brands are AesopKjaer Weis and Tata Harper, but for a more affordable option try Beauty Kitchen. 

Alternatively if you want to make the big jump to improve your eco footprint opt in for a soap bar or solid shampoo. Our favourite vegan friendly beauty pioneers Lush have launched their zero waste, naked style packaging. These products not only smell amazing, but they are also drastically reducing pollution in our oceans and we think thats great. 

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