Mabi Swimwear

Be Mabi with us

MABI is a luxury sustainable and eco-luxury beachwear company, made in exotic Brazil and based in the cosmopolitan centre of London. The brand was founded by Maristela Soares, with her love for high fashion, inspired from rich and artistic natural wonders, she works with a conscious mind towards the environment and ecosystem.


Where are Mabi’s roots?


The founder, Maristela Soares was born in Brazil, São Paulo, with a soul set to a background of trees and oceans, but with a mind firmly fixed towards the rest of the world.

Since youth, her constant travels with her family satisfied her passion for exploration, which lead to a fascination of the connections between people and the ocean.

The care for the body, mind and soul was always a premise, and because “we are what we eat” Maristela always thought it was important to ingest organic and healthy food which can provide energy, nutrients, a high quality of life and an elegant silhouette!

But why not take this healthy and organic lifestyle to other areas of our life?

Ethical and sustainable swimwear seemed somewhat lacking in the fashion market, and with consumer awareness on the rise it was important that this gap be filled with suitable pieces to meet this demand.

It was important for us to combine her conscious love for the environment with luxury fashion; providing all you sun-lovers with a wonderfully unique, biodegradable item and the knowledge that you are encouraging responsible consumption from our stylish and refined collection.


And so, in 2016 MABI was born!

The name is formed by the initials of the founder’s name and the word ‘bikini’, Maristela + Bikini = Mabi. The limited-edition designs are made to embrace the woman’s body, with exclusive and elegant silhouettes combined with luxurious designs, embellished with artistic prints inspired by nature.



When you buy Mabi, you can rest assured that every piece follows ethical fashion codes and the textiles are all biodegradable. Additionally, high levels of sustainability are evident in the packaging and labels, which are made from fully recycled materials!


And for all you tree lovers out there, MABI actively supports reforestation of the Brazilian Forest through a partnership with a non-profit institution ‘Amigo da Floresta’ (Friend of the Forest).

This institution is part of ‘Iniciativa Verde’ (Green Initiative) which is a project that aims to calculate the carbon emissions of people and companies, and Mabi is a carbon free brand!


And now you know! By purchasing a Mabi item, not only are you gaining a premium and sophisticated item, you are being environmentally conscious by actively helping the forest in Brazil, and helping to protect the planet.

By being Mabi, you are guaranteed to have a luxurious, stylish item which will complete your most amazing sun filled moments…moments that you will never forget.